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With the Sheetz fundraiser program you just sell easy-to-manage coupon books that are good for a variety of foods that your supporters. Mcdonalds Coupons Fundraiser, coupon codes, promo codes. Fundraiser Discount Cards for schools, churches, sporting, non-profit and youth groups. High Profit Fundraising Products for Sports teams, schools, churches and all types of groups, Fundraising. Family Activities - Old McDonald's Farm More discounts to more places makes our fundraising cards extremely easy to sell. Make your Fundraising Cards as easy and profitable as possible.

Families quickly and Restaurants and merchants that have participated on our fundraiser. Now it is time to promote. Some restaurants will give you flyers and stickers to hand out; some have you do your own. If you need to have the flyers brought back into the restaurant for your organization to get credit, make sure you get the flyers out to the public.

For elementary schools, see if the fundraising restaurant will throw in a class party for the class with the biggest turnout. Use email. Use Facebook. You get the picture: Get volunteers to help you the day of the fundraiser. Have people greeting your group as they come in the door. Some restaurants will let fundraisers work behind the counter.

Wendy's has allowed us to use their Wendy's outfit: Bring your mascot costume as well.

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  • Great Tip: Advertise your Fundraiser Early and Often!

Have fun! When everyone hears about the great time people had at the fundraiser, more will show up at the next one. This year, our PTA is trying themes for each restaurant night. For example, instead of doing all family nights, we are going to try a Moms' Night Out. Don't underestimate the power of a theme. Each organization has a different experience at different restaurants. I found proximity to the organization, the night of the fundraiser, and the time of year are all factors that drive the success of an event.

You will learn each time which restaurants your organization will attend or won't attend.

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Continue doing the high attendance events and switch out the low attendance events until you have a group that you can rotate through each year or every two years. Most of the restaurants in my article only work with non-profits as one of the benefits of being a restaurant is being able to make charitable contributions for tax purposes. Every restaurant is different, so if you are not a non-profit organization and have a special circumstance, then I would discuss this with the manager or owner of the restaurant.

It depends. There are a few factors that impact the profit from a restaurant fundraiser. The percentage the restaurant gives. A flyer vs. The distance people have to travel including traffic conditions. The affluence of the community. What else is going on that evening think school concerts and sporting events and 7.

If this is your first event, you should look for a restaurant that is close to your audience and ensures that it is not the same night the team is playing away. Most restaurants require the fundraiser to be related to a qualified non-profit organization. Using a crowd sourcing option like a Go Fund Me page would probably be better in this case. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account.

Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. Other restaurants that fundraise are: NPC owned Pizza Hut locations do fundraiser nights. You can earn up to 20 percent of the days total. Pick a day, email or contact your local pizza hut and they will contact the fundraiser coordinator.

They will then send you vouchers via email to print for your organization. Your group will need to distribute them to anyone who will go to Pizza Hut A great place would be Portillos. They have it layed out, straight forward. Plus, people LOVE it! Pieology and Mod Pizza both have charity events.

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At Pieology, people can come in all day and show your flier on their phone or in print. Flier oriented but they will help set up paper and digital for you. Franchise style company. I'm the GM for Pitfire Pizza in Downtown Los Angeles; we host fundraisers for all non-profits, and I'm currently looking to find more organizations to help!

Contact my location at Burgerville restaurants in Oregon and Washington have fundraising opportunities for non-profits. Bring your fellow supporters to your favorite El Torito and enjoy tasty eats and drinks from our menu. I saw that ritas italian ice and custard offer different fundraising options as s corporation but i believe each is individually owned and decide what they will offer as an option. Seems like I am always helping to raise money for our park and we have done many Restaurant Fundraisers. The most profitable one was with Fuddruckers and we had volunteers and local celebrities waiting tables.

Their tips were more than the percentage from the restaurant so that was fun. Great information here. I'm a substitute teacher and will keep this in mind for the schools where I teach. Great lens! Typically, restaurants only deal with non-profit organizations that can drive traffic on a particular day.

Local restaurants that you currently frequent may be more willing than chain restaurants. I've actually tried the restaurant way before, and I must say, it takes lots of fundraising to accomplish such a difficult task. That is very frustrating. First, I would continue the relationship with the one restaurant that did pay you. For the others, you see the results by the people coming into the restaurant and interacting with each other.

If you needed to bring a slip in, are those members bringing those in. I would also build a relationship with the restaurant manager and make sure you touchbase a couple times before the event, during the event, and immediately after the event. I am curious to know how often you actually see results from a restaurant night. Our school had 4 different restaurant nights last year and were only paid by one organization. It has been very frustrating and we have decided we should not try these any more.

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Great lens and still i have not found any other restaurant which are not in your list. I love Restaurants In Mississauga because i live in canada. How much money have you made? Were you able to hand out the flyers at the door of the restaurants? I found www. We are using the site to fundraise in boston for a mission trip, and have used it in the past for a ALZ walk team we were apart of.

Snow Monster in Orange County, California helps local organizations fundraise. We did an event through them and it was great. Super simple to set up, no need for flyers.

They genuinely want to help give back to the community. Dennys and McDonalds.. Hi Tami, if you click the name on the post, sometimes they will have a contact button on their profile page. I'm on the board for our library, We are a new organization, I would like to talk to you regarding your success. My library has a fundraiser once a year. We live in a touristy community, and over 25 restaurants donate 50 to of their specialty hors d'oeuvres.

It's so nice that restaurants really want to be pulled into community work, isn't it? McAlister's Deli did a fundraiser for our organization without a flyer. It was ALL sales during the time period.

The only one I know about is Wendys. But I'm sure there are a couple of more out there. In our neck of the woods, there are a few chain restaurants that participate in these type of fundraisers, namely Shakey's Pizza and Rubio's. Applebees does a great job with dining to donate.

You can check out the restaurants in your area that are holding fundraisers and set one up online really easily and quickly. Our tennis team does an Applebee's fundraiser every fall and it is very successful. We are located in McKinney, Texas and our Applebees has since added bacon, eggs, and hash browns to the pancakes, sausage, orange juice, soda, and coffee. Cancel anytime online. See Details Over 75, coupons conveniently accessed on our mobile app and online. Books available in over 75 major metro areas in the U.

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