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Culture and History Collections on Expedia! Check out our Last-Minute Deals with Expedia! Norwegian Free at Sea Sale on Expedia! Shopping Collections on Expedia! Find cheap new textbooks easily at eBooks. Over , book titles for your iPad. Food and Wine Books eBooks. It affected viewers in 41 cities across the U. Channel 8 for me. Tribune wanted to charge more than double and Spectrum felt they were over-charging so they were in a standoff.

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There is a way to get local channels cheap. The station can be picked up using OTA over-the-air antenna. Why would Tribune charge double for a channel that can be picked up using an antenna for free? I can see why Spectrum would hold their ground. The antennas can be bought at Best Buy and other electronics retailers. Worth getting the one that works for 60 miles for a few bucks more. Most are like the old rabbit ear models and some are plastic-like and stick on windows.

Where the TV towers are compared to where you put it on the side of the house that is in the direction of the towers makes a difference. Depending on where you live will determine how many channels you can get. Some are sub channels off of the major channels. For instance, channel 8, channel , channel To find out what channels you can get go to: Something to remember when you decide whether you want to cut the cord or not and use a video-streaming service come to one of my Cutting the Cord classes to find out how and the cost.

Other cable companies have had the same issue with other TV channel providers trying to raise their rates at a time when more and more people want to cut the cord. More than 1 million Verizon Fios subscribers were without their channels recently. Worth the small initial investment, especially if cable goes out altogether. It happened to me recently. Well, my bonus card expired, but I figured what the hay, I will give it to our waiter to see if it still works. Nothing ventured, nothing earned! I was at Giant Eagle at the service desk and I noticed the crazy price of cigarettes they had behind the counter.

I can almost get a months worth of groceries at that price! Instead of smoking, you could get a new car after a small handful of years. The concept of smoking is disturbing, if you think about it. Material has to be burnt and then inhaled. The chemicals are addicting. The chemicals in it can kill you and could lead to a horrible death. Since it is smoke it also makes you smell too and yellows your teeth. Yet marketing has made it a wondrous product that keeps people buying it.

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Nowadays you see lots of people smoking smokeless pipes or vape, kind of like smoking through a pen that has a vapor cloud that can be puffed out of it. The cloud of vapor is not like the smoke from cigarettes, but the vape pen contains the same chemicals. Speaking of, does anyone else freak out a little when you see someone toss out their cigarette butt out while they are on the freeway in front of you and you see the sparks from the still lit cigarette butt bouncing on the freeway and then skips straight into the direction of the engine area of your car? Some people smoke because they are nervous and it calms them.

Kinda like people that chew pencils or their fingernails. Hmm, not all that much better. The world has changed in the past decade or so when it comes to cigarettes. Cars no longer have ash trays in them. Restaurants used to have a section for smokers and a section for non-smokers that due to changes in law morphed into smokers just being allowed to smoke outside. Patios were built at restaurants and bars just so smokers would stay there which was great since there are now a lot of nice summer patios to hang out at.

Health care plans now give discounts for non-smokers too. I remember when people smoked in the office and planes. Now at businesses they can smoke off property or some designated area. The smokers do get an added benefit of extra breaks just because they have to smoke. I wonder if someone pushed for areas to designate for other addictions, would it get approved? Maybe an area for those addicted to Guiness beer or for those that snap their gum when they chew it. Perhaps I just need to think of a product to invent that I can make millions on that looks cool to do and is addicting, even if it can kill you.

I will have to think about that some more to figure out what works. Lots of people try to quit their bad habits and pick up new healthy ones at the beginning of the year. There is a deal on something that can help kick the smoking habit.

Walgreens also has a deal on it. In the meantime, I will stick to smoking candy gum cigarettes should I get an urge to smoke and maybe sneak in an extra break at work. Kleenex ct —. Nickles Italian Bread —. Excludes Maternity and Boys. Shop the Winter Clearance Event! Bigger avings with clearance on top of clearance! Brewsters restauarnt — Mayfield Road in Chesterland. Choose from hundreds of top sale items at La-Z-Boy! Book now your movie, concert of event tickets with Lowest Price Guaranteed.

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You can check the status of your rewards by viewing your account dashboard. Most airlines charge baggage fees, but some even charge carry-on baggage fees. The price of a cheap ticket may not be so cheap if you have to pay huge baggage fees. Some even charge for carry-on baggage! See what airlines are charging for baggage fees here: The deal runs from Sunday to Wednesday from 5: For instance, would you take financial advice from someone that went bankrupt or someone that never went bankrupt?

Or would you get relationship and marriage advice from someone that divorced or someone happily married for 50 years? You might be surprised to find out that many of the most popular people that give advice have failed in the very category they give advice. For one thing, everyone fails at something in life. We all have regrets and wish we could have gone about something differently. We grow and become wiser. Listening to the wise man at the mountain top, priest, psychologist, guru, or friend that always has it going on can help people avoid those pitfalls.

Some of the best inventions and discoveries came about because people failed and kept trying. Plenty of sports figures struggled before they figured out the game. However, would you go to a doctor that had a horrible track record of healing people or botching surgeries before they got it right? Would you get married to someone that was divorced ten times. Would you prefer someone to be President of the U.

You see what I mean. So failure has its boundaries. Track records mean something. There is a higher percentage of divorce after people get married their second or third time. People still drink too much at times after having plenty of hangovers. There is something deep that has to trigger for people to stop doing what harms them most. Even growing up people that give advice or direction to kids do them wrong.

School Guidance counselors are well known to tell students that they are not worthy of certain fields, only for them to excel in the field and prove them wrong. Some parents even berate their kids saying they are worthless. Amazingly, some of the most popular figures out there that give advice have stumbled in their own life in their field.

The current Dear Abby, Dr Laura, Dr Phil — all divorced, yet they are the most well-known givers of relationship advice. Dave Ramsey, finance advice guru, went through a foreclosure and declared bankruptcy. Does past history predict future results? As they say, those that forget history are doomed to repeat it.

But some of the folks above have done pretty good for themselves in life even after stumbling. Some maybe not so much. The key is to take advice with a grain of salt. Everyone can agree that a certain problem needs to be fixed, but not everyone can agree on the way to do it. As great advice-giver Confucious says, Man who jumps off cliff, jumps to conclusion! I would stop there on the way home from work.

Hey, Meijer or Kroger, might be a good spot to move into! The owner cleaned up the shopping center putting big bucks into it after all. Now I have to go to another Giant Eagle which will have to be the one in Willoughby. The one at Great Lakes mall will eventually be closing to make way for the one opening off of Route in Mentor. The Willoughby Giant Eagle is around 5 miles away and the new one is over 3 miles away. Instead, yell at them louder so that I feel better.

Bag Navel Oranges, 5 lb. Bag Texas Grapefruits or 2 lb. End of Season Sale: Select styles while supplies last. Select styles, online only. Organic Honeycrisp Apples —. Includes Original, Light, Whips! Aldi — Solon where KMart was located — thanks Stacy for the tip! Donatos — Solon — thanks Stacy for the tip! Beckys Bistro — Willoughby Hills — plans are to reopen under a new owner. Some deals are for new subscribers only. Just type in your zip code to find the deals.

Worth getting the Sunday paper just for the coupons! There will be lots of coupon inserts in the papers coming up this January. Find these foods and more: No code needed — Limited Time. Great discounts from local restaurants, spas, home service providers and more. Here are just a handful of some local of the thousands of restaurants on Restaurant.

Take advantage of this Islandy deal while you still can! But how can that be with the economy doing so well? Or at least on the surface it seems so with unemployment so low. Not only that, half of older Americans have no retirement savings. Here is one of the biggest reasons.

Real wages for average workers are lower today than in Read more about it here: Sure, to avoid living paycheck to paycheck some can do better with budgeting and spending less. Bills still have to be paid. Over 30 million Americans have no health insurance and even more are under-insured. So what are the answers? Wages obviously need to increase. Unions have been withering which means less representation for workers rights to increase wages. Paying interest on credit cards and other forms of debt keeps the cycle going.

Paying money for money can get expensive. Tackle the highest interest charges until they are paid and be vigilant to keep from overspending to the point interest is owed. Saving is also something that needs to be done to combat living paycheck to paycheck. If you were missing your paycheck like the government workers are experiencing with the government shutdown, what would you cut back on?

Those same things could be cut back on and put into savings. Savings rates at online banks have been increasing. Are savings being left on the table too? Can more couponing, digging for the best deals, eliminating excess spending, and only buying items that are on sale be just some of the ways to get out of the rut?

It takes a lifestyle change, but just think of the stress that will go away when you have a cushion of money to fall back on. The New Year is a good time to start a resolution to get out of debt or find other ways to earn more money. One pair I think sat for a bit too long. Almost like it had more cushion than usual. I look at the bottom of my shoe and I see the innards of the bottom of my shoe with the front part of my sole still there.

I had to walk with my weight on my toes. I looked like PeeWee Herman when he did that toe walk dancing the Tequila song. Yep, a chunk of my other shoes falls off. I look back and I see this lonely piece of my sole sitting in the parking lot. My wife finds all this absolutely so funny that she is crying. I now soldier on with two half shoes. Nothing is going to stop me from my plans. We planned one more stop that night, shoes or no shoes. I try to minimize my steps and that meant not going to the bathroom until we left.

I have my plans for the night and nothing is going to stop me. As I get close to the bathroom another chunk falls off. I had enough sole on the shoe to get into the bathroom. I hear my wife outside the bathroom just laughing it up. She sees the chunk of shoe lying there outside the bathroom like a beacon of sadness. A sole without a shoe. Perhaps a staple or super glue would have worked to patch up the sole back to my shoe, but I had neither and when I got home those shoes were going straight to the garbage.

First off, I had to salvage the one thing that got no wear. I took off the shoelaces before I discarded the shortest lived shoes I ever bought. At least my wife got some good laughs out of you. Get thousands and thousands of deals on Groupon, including these: Bag Navel Oranges or 5 lb. Free Coffeemaker with 2-Year Coffee Subscription. The Epic Clearance Event! While supplies last at Old Navy! Click to get coupons at Petco! Saving just got even easier. Shop Weekly Furniture Deals at Staples!

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To check price histories, go to http: Also check an app called Price Tracker on Google Chrome at https: It shows Amazon price graph history, autobuy in flash sales, and sets price drop alerts on e-commerce sites. The number of editions will vary. There are weeks where there are multiple inserts as shown by 2 and 3 — they are subject to change. Order by 3pm on Monday, Ready by 5pm! Save now on the brands you love—plus free shipping on all orders!

Short Cut Carrots — bag —. ONLY found at Kitchenaid! Some tours offer free bikes and walking tours. Get free air, golf, free night, free catamaran, and more! Hurry, supplies are limited! The company said there should be no effect in the short term and that retailers will continue to honor both digital and print coupons provided by Catalina. At Giant Eagle this past week I got a couple freebie item Catalina coupons, so hopefully they will get it together and continue on. With it being winter, we wanted to do a Caribbean cruise.

Flying there usually costs two to four times that. Japan here we come! Just after I booked the trip I tried searching for a Japanese foreign exchange student I went to high school with. I tried finding him in the past with no luck. I checked Facebook and this time I saw someone that might look like him after 35 years. I sent a friend request and he accepted right away. He said he would take us out to dinner. I told him we wanted to do karaoke too. Gotta do karaoke in Japan!

Now it turned to getting the hotel and anything else needed for the trip. The subway was cheap too. I booked our hotel via Hotels.

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I kept checking for deals and there was a price drop on a hotel I was eyeballing, so I cancelled some other reservations I had. The deal was incredible. I got a buffet breakfast with the deal. The hotel was the Fresa Inn Nanachome in Ginza. We get to the airport and since we are early we stop at the United Club. Since we have a credit card for United we get a couple free passes to the United Club every year. I had passes that expired the day before and they said as a courtesy they would take them. Free food, Wifi, newspapers, and drinks! The trip is starting off right!

With the United credit card there are no foreign transaction fees. Having the credit card also gets us our first checked bag for free too. We had a stop in Chicago. Right across from our gate was a United Club. More food and drink and we had another pass to use.

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From there we fly over 13 hours to Tokyo. We land in Haneda. Smaller than Narita, the other airport in Tokyo. We get through customs quickly and take a train to our closest stop and from there take a taxi to our hotel. The city is huge. We get to the hotel and I asked them if we could get a room upgrade to two beds as the rooms and beds are tiny. All it took was asking and they upgraded us! The time difference is 13 hours, so the nights are days and days are nights.

Coming home it was more pronounced. We took the subway a lot. Our first ride was to a city called Sinjuku. Lots of nightclubs there. Also an area called Memory Lane where you find lots of authentic eats. In Sinjuku there is a Godzilla head on top of a building that blows smoke every so often the one above is in Ginza. Sumo Wrestling Hall of Fame. We stopped in Harajuku. Young girls there wear colorful outfits and look like anime cartoon characters.

Imperial Palace Other places we visited were Shibuya second busiest train station in the world , Roppongi decent nightlife , the Tsukiji fish market, the Imperial Palace, Rygoku where they have sumo tournaments and a museum and near the Sky Tree building at 2, feet is one of the tallest in the world. We took a day trip to Mt Fuji. It was cloudy and what looked like rain on the mountain when we first came in view of it.

As we get closer all of a sudden the clouds started dissipating. The whole mountain was viewable. Plus she said that the previous week the road was closed because of snow. Not only that she said that the road was supposed to close any day now for the season. We took a boat ride on Lake Ashi. From there we went to Hanoke. We took a tram up the mountain.

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It overlooked the middle of the country. The sun was setting so we had an incredible view. Taking the tram was a bit of a thrill too. It seemed a bit old and needing an update. Our cable car back down was stuffed with people and the tram and all looked like it was ready to snap. On the way back we took a bullet train.

It was something I wanted to do on the trip was to ride the bullet train. They go as fast as around mph. Dogs would just love sticking out their head of a bullet train window. Well worth it as Mt Fuji itself was two hours away by bus we took the bullet train back. Back in you would get.

We were told Japan is a cash society and to have money with us when we arrive. The exchange rate was less than the going rate though. There was a better option once we got there. The best way we found to convert was by using a debit card at an ATM. The cost for food at most restaurants was very reasonable. With the exchange rate so good now, it made costs cheaper. There is no tipping in Japan. You could, but they find it insulting.

We came across some decent happy hours. Same thing they do in the U. There is a tray you put your credit card or cash on to pay. You had to put it on the tray. They have no one or five-dollar bills. They are in the form of coins. When taking out cash at the ATM you have to be careful not to take out the wrong amount. Please take a person one by one. Hmmm, so they want me to be a hijacker? It was a sign they meant to say take only one complimentary item each like tea or a shower cap per person at the hotel.

The English translation were pretty hilarious for some signs. The above was for complimentary toiletries and tea at the hotel. We learned a few words in Japanese, but not much. In most big international cities people know enough English to get by. In Tokyo it was hit or miss. For the most part we did out best charades and mixed in enough of each others language to figure things out.

Ummm, do I really wanna go down this street. The one day we decided to get massages. Nothing like a good massage after being on a cramped airplane all day. My Japanese friend from high school told us where to go for them. I have no idea what she is talking about. A place for massages is not a place where you want to mistake what is being said.

I was looking for a souvenir shirt and the large size was tiny. I ended up having to get a 3XL shirt. It was an XL size in the U. I realized it later, but just like shoes are different in size in other countries so are shirts. I wish I caught that before I bought Godzilla boxer shorts that may have fit me when I was ten years old. I was a bit on the bigger side there, but not exactly like I was a giant.

Yep, all over Tokyo were Lawson stores. They closed here in the U. One of the cool things about the trip was visiting the Japanese exchange student I went to school with. I remembered that he wanted to be a diplomat. Seeing how different the culture is in Japan compared to the U. Learning English helped him get where he is now in life.

It was great to re-connect our friendship after all these years. He took us to an authentic dinner. I was done after round 2 and there were around 5 more. I pretty much ate nothing but seafood, rice, and ramen noodles. Even had rice every morning. The buffet breakfast was interesting. I grew up eating odd ethnic food, so trying new stuff was ok with me. The one place told us that all the food they served was eel. I stuck to drinking Japanese beer for the most part. They were all good. The drink of choice in Japan is a highball. I tried sake, but am not a fan of it.

I found some coupons for attractions. There were some in the booklets at the airport. Even the visitor center near Mt Fuji had a display of coupons. We had to do karaoke while we were in Japan. My wife sings great. They have a lot of places that are studios where you can sing after paying to rent it by the hour. We instead opted for a bar. Paula Abdul may let me get past round one because she would feel bad for me, but not Simon Cowell.

The one guy there did say I looked like one of the Lettermen — not David, but the group from the 60s. Toilet paper is not always in public toilets so sometimes you will get these coupons that get handed out with a pad of toilet paper in them like the ones above. The one we had in the hotel had a bidet and all kinds of controls. A few things that Japan is dealing with is an aging population. Not enough kids being born to replace the elderly that are dying. Many countries in Europe are facing the same issue.

Some to the point they died doing so. We were told that is changing. Kit Kats are huge in Japan. There are no trash cans. Not on sidewalks like they are in the U. Not outside of stores. Instead their culture is all about getting rid of the trash before you leave a restaurant or store or anywhere. The Japanese culture is the embodiment of respect. As big of a city as Tokyo is it was devoid of graffiti. They respect their city enough not to trash it in more ways than one. Even all the bowing they do is a sign of respect.

Should a CEO or company get caught doing something legally wrong, they will go on apology tours. In there were only 6 deaths by gun in the whole country! Cops only fired six shots total in Most cops have batons, but no guns.

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They try and de-escalate situations before using any force. A country that everyone should emulate. Tokyo Tower It is eerily silent even with tons of people walking around the streets. They rarely talk outside. We were told by someone we bumped into that Tokyo is known as the loneliest city in the world. Marriage is on the decline there. Physical displays of intimacy in public is taboo — no holding hands or kissing! So I refrained from any makeout sessions with my wife in front of Lawsons. Part of the reason it might be so silent is that a lot of people wore masks on their face.

I felt like if I sneezed I would get some laser stares of disappointment. There is no space for berms too. No sticking my arms out the window! Not the case in Japan. Even though the street may take only a few steps to cross and there was no traffic people would wait for the walk sign. I can get impatient when I want to get somewhere so it drove me nuts. The Q-tips we had at the hotel were awesome. Q-tips in the U. Everyone seemed to wear black or blue, especially men in those color suits. No vibrant colors unless you were part of the Hajuku young folks or geishas.

To break the mold of drab clothing everywhere. They love their anime action cartoons.

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They love to eat lots. On our way home we had a stop in San Francisco. The flight got there an hour early. The customs lines were long. Good thing we had TSA pre-check too! FREE Snapple 16 oz. Cover Girl Professional Mascara —. Great deals on PCs and accessories. Shop the perfect holiday gifts for tech lovers! It runs through December 12, and customers can only access it once. Get the app at https: That means free beer at locations that have a Bud Light fridge filled with beer that is being given away after a Browns win.

Here is the list of places with a Bud Light fridges. Shop now at Macys. Airport Parking Reservations covering 59 metro U. Great deals on parking. Also with 1 year Advanced Exchange Service. Sign the waiver and try the Atomic wings! A shuttle runs between the hotel and the airport. That deal fell through and now Indigo Partners, the parent company of Frontier Airlines is planning to purhase the airline.

No one wants to hear that they have to control their spending, but it will control you if you let it. So here are some tips to help out. Keep that frugal button on at all times. Sometimes people order cavier for dinner when they can barely afford a Filet-o-Fish. The number one reason people get divorced is because of money. Changing your spending habits temporarily until finances are in order can save a years of misery.

As a couple, keep track of what you are spending on bills, food, etc. Hiding your finances from each other will only lead to mistrust. Any missapropriations will most likely be found out. Best to be transparent.

Always save for emergencies. Have enough to fix car breakdowns, appliances that need to be replaced, and for health needs. Finance spirals are no fun, so be diligent. Some people spend when they are anxious or going through tough times. Recognize those situations and instead of spending money to make you feel better, do some push-ups.

If you need to get yourself out of debt, first cut back on any discretionary spending. Use coupons — all the time. Pay off any high-interest credit cards first. Negotiate down any debts you have. For any bill you get, call them and ask for the Retention department and ask them what they can do to reduce your bill.

Every little bit counts. Yes, cutting back will mean sacrifices to a lifestyle gotten used to. In no time you will be eating caviar for dinner again — but with a coupon. My wife was talking about how she saw someone hit a deer the previous week on the road we were on. Sure enough, she screams STOP! A buck was bolting across the road and I jammed on the brakes.

I missed him by a few feet. What is it with new cars always finding ways to try and get hit! The way to solve the issue is to stop putting up deer crossing signs. That or give them magic corn so that they fly like Rudolph and stay off roads. Exclusive, 2 Days only: Plus Free Ship to Store on all products. Get Ready for ! New and Existing Staples Plus Members: Cyber Savings Start Now! Purchase your tires online at Goodyear. Available at Goodyear Auto Services. Find more than , deals nationwide! Free shipping and returns on hundreds of thousands of items. Click here for the deal: To find Christmas tree farms go to http: Some sell balled Christmas trees that can be planted.

At Lowes and Home Depot the cost is about the same. If you do get them there get a gift card at Giant Eagle to earn Fuelperks. Ever wonder how much gas is really left in your gas tank after the low fuel message pops up? Your mileage may vary. Check out this list to see what your car might have left in the tank when the empty tank light comes on umm, that being said, ya might want to fill up before you find out how accurate it is: If you ran a company into the ground to the point it went bankrupt, do you think you should get rewarded with huge bonuses?

Well, most companies do just that. Plus they are also not giving severance to hourly employees. How is that fair? Giving exorbitant bonuses is an incentive to declare bankruptcy. With real median wages remaining stagnant while inflation and health care costs increasing the common worker suffers just to make ends meet.

As it says in the Bible, Whoever oppresses the poor to increase his own wealth, or gives to the rich, will only come to poverty. When purchasing gift cards as gifts keep from buying gift cards for companies with rumblings of closing or going bankrupt. Speaking of, Giant Eagle is doing. Find a list of bankruptcies here: Here is a running list of bankruptcies: Find the breakdown of CVS deals at http: Dole Garden Salad bag —. Rimmel Super Curler Mascara —. Cyber Monday Pack Sale! Check daily to see the Deal of the Day!

Prices as marked on select deals in select markets Click here: Terms apply Click here: Waikiki On the day of the flight there was a concern about getting through TSA with the government shutdown. Banyan Tree It happened again when we were at the airport. Dog the Bounty Hunter We met some other famous people. Beth We got in line and it took awhile. Without further adieu here are the grades from best to worst: Limited number of locations.

December 30th, To better view this blog go to http: January 5, Click here: Find these deals and thousands and thousands more! Use code EI Top seller: December 16th, To better view this blog go to http: DAY5 Here are just a handful of some local of the thousands of restaurants on Restaurant. Mt Fuji We took a day trip to Mt Fuji. The view from the middle of Japan.

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The new Dietary Guidelines "MyPlate" is an easy tool to help you think about food choices at each meal, control portion sizes, and ensure balanced nutrition. Grains play a key role in maintaining a healthy diet. Eating grains, especially whole grains, as part of a healthy diet can help reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, some cancers, and obesity. And, if you're trying to slim down, studies show that adding whole grains can help maintain a healthier body weight.

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Check out our Nutrition Center to find out why grains are important to a healthy diet. The dietary guidelines for Americans encourage all Americans to eat a healthy diet and be physically active. The new dietary guidelines "MyPlate" is an easy tool to help you think about food choices at each meal, control portion sizes, and ensure balanced nutrition. To learn more about making grains a part of your healthy diet and to see "MyPlate" dietary guidelines, go to: What goes into making something great Hard work.

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