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It was for the first time an international debit card was launched in association with Visa International in India. One can pay mobile, telephone, electricity, insurance bills using HDFC credit card and get cash back benefits and accumulate reward points offer. It discounts the need to carry cash everywhere.

It offers the user a host of benefits which are extremely handy. The cardholder can use a credit card for e-shopping and make online bill payments. The cardholder can also extend a loan and it allows the user to pay through EMIs. Additionally, one can even earn discounts and get reward points by using an HDFC credit card. Currently, it provides the insurance facilities under the following categories: The representative will guide you through the application filling process, wherein you will be required to fill out the form and submit the required documents.

The bank will check whether the candidate is eligible to avail the credit card for which they have applied for. Based on the eligibility of the customer, they may or may not receive the credit card, it will be on the discretion of the HDFC Bank to decide if a customer has to be given Credit Card or not. Select the type of Credit Card you wish to apply for as per the individual requirement after going through the features of the card in detail.

HDFC Times Credit Card - Titanium and Platinum HDFC Credit Card

You have to fill up the online application form with correct details and submit the same and thus you complete submitting the online application form to secure credit card. Once the details are filled in, the bank will check whether the candidate is eligible to avail the credit card for which they have applied for. If you have fulfilled the criteria, you will get a call from the HDFC Bank executive regarding the application form after which a representative from the Bank will visit you to collect the required documents.

Once the application is approved, the respective Credit Card will be delivered to your address within a week. The bank understands the changing requirements of the customers and transfers the knowledge in their credit cards which they offer. It provides money back policies, travel, several rewards, travel, shopping, elite credit cards to meet the customer's devoir. The cardholder can provide standing instructions to debit the HDFC Bank Account automatically for either the minimum amount due or the total monthly outstanding amount on the respective Credit Card.

The account with HDFC Bank should be a sole or a joint account with an 'any' or 'either' signing mandate. One can now make Credit Card payments online from any other bank account that they maintain, if the individual does not have an account with HDFC Bank, then they can make payment at Bill Desk.

(FULL DETAILS) - HDFC Freedom Credit Card Eligibility, Charges, Fees, Features in Hindi

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