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Excess mileage charges are calculated in pence per mile over the agreed mileage when you take on the lease agreement. With Contract Hire agreements, the vehicle is registered to and remains the property of the Funder. With some of our lease agreements, you have the option to include a maintenance package for an additional low monthly fee.

This covers you for tyres, routine maintenance, servicing and any MOTs that fall within the contract duration. No, insurance will need to be arranged separately, but Motorama can help you there. So, when you have selected your vehicle give us a call on and get your insurance quote.

We also offer a comparison tool for you to compare vehicle insurance prices across the market — find out more here. By letting us do this early in your quote we have a better chance of choosing the right finance company for you. Information on the site comes from a few big vehicle info providers.

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View gallery. What is car leasing? Car leasing is a form of long-term car rental. When leasing a car, you make regular monthly payments for a fixed length of time. Once the term of the lease has ended, you return the car to the leasing company. Car leasing is a popular alternative to buying a vehicle. It is particularly common for businesses who want vehicles without the cash outlay. Learn more about PCP. Car leasing: Why choose car leasing?

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Typically, drivers choose car leasing deals because the monthly payments are lower in comparison to other types of finance. Normally, this means you can lease a better model, make, trim or option on your budget. With car leasing, you can theoretically be driving a brand-new car every two or three years — depending on the length of your lease contract. Learn more about the pros and cons of car leasing. How does car leasing work? Once the lease is up, you give the car back. Using the car There are some restrictions to leasing a car you should be aware of.

If you want any modifications, ask the leasing company to make them before you take the car. Also note that this may put this price up. They may also charge you extra for doing so. Other info Sometimes, you can extend you lease deal once the contract has expired. If you want to get out of a contract early, then you may have to pay additional costs.

Therefore, you should include this potential outcome in your overall budget. You'll pay an initial payment that is equal to 3, 6 or 9 times the monthly rental, followed by the agreed monthly payments.

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At the end of the lease, you simply hand the car back to us and you can either choose to walk away or lease another brand new car. You won't have to worry about the resale of the car at the end of the contract. Because it's an easy, simple and affordable way to drive a new car, leasing has become one of the most popular options for financing a car today.

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Leasing has many benefits, as it allows you the opportunity to drive a better and more expensive car than you would ordinarily afford when using another form of vehicle finance. It also enables you to keep up to date with the latest cars every two to four years. Free UK delivery to your home or workplace, full manufacturers warranty and road tax are included with every car from us. There's also the ability to add optional low-cost service and maintenance packages to keep your vehicle healthy throughout the duration of the contract.

Whether it's for business or personal use, almost anyone can lease a car. If you live in the United Kingdom, hold a UK driving licence and are able to afford the monthly payments, then you'll be eligible. If you like the sound of a flexible and cost-effective way to get on the road with a new car every 2 to 4 years, leasing a car may well be the best option for you. Browse online to find your desired vehicle or call our team to find recommendations on which vehicle is best for you. Our sales advisors will walk you through various optional car specifications and arrange delivery, credit check and finance forms.

For most people, leasing represents a highly effective way for you to get a vehicle better than you could perhaps ordinarily afford. While you will still have to make a down payment when you lease a car, it is often much smaller than the down payment that you would expect to pay on a car that you intend to purchase.

First of all, think about your overall budget and what cars you would like to drive. Once you have found your perfect vehicle, use the form on the page to enquire on that vehicle. We'll then call or email you to proceed to the next step.

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We try our best to keep our website updated with a complete inventory of vehicles and the ability to find them easily. Common initial payment profiles include 3 months, 6 months and 9 months. The more you put upfront the less the vehicles monthly rental will be. Alongside annual mileage, you can adjust the initial payment on any vehicle to get the payment profile that best suits you and your budget. The main difference between business lease and personal lease pricing is that business excludes VAT whilst personal includes VAT.

With business leasing or contract hire, you have the opportunity to reclaim VAT. Excellent service and support "Can't fault the information, advice and support from the point of ordering of the vehicle up until Great service and price "Was very satisfied with the whole service. They made the process easy and to top it all they priced Great service "We were put in touch with Autograph Contracts by a friend who said "talk to Malcolm - he will look Copyright All Rights Reserved. Vehicles shown are for illustration purposes only.

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