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The time now is BMW Garage. Mark Forums Read. User Name. Page 1 of 2. Thread Tools. Dec Location: San Francisco, CA iTrader: Appreciate 0 Tweet. Oct Location: OC iTrader: Feb Location: Pleasanton, CA iTrader: Find More Posts by smmmurf. Originally Posted by smmmurf I agree that while the dealer ad plate is meaningless and not illegal to remove, it does give the cops some excuse for why you dont have a ca license plate.

Originally Posted by aznduece Yeah, I was afraid someone would tell me this. May Location: San Jose, CA iTrader: Mar Location: Southern California iTrader: Porsche Nov Location: Newport Beach, CA iTrader: Find More Posts by saeedg Jul Location: Los Angeles iTrader: Find More Posts by Z06M3.

Originally Posted by richpuer a compromise would be to just leave the Frame on Women Crazy Join Date: Definitely go over the car before signing final papers! Thank you very much. Yes, the use of a heat gun or hair dryer or leaving it in the hot sun should be all you need to help peel it off with ease.

Most of them will peel off without leaving behind any adhesive, but if it does simply use the 3M adhesive remover. I recently detailed a farily new Nissan Altima for a client and asked her if she wanted me to remove the decal that the dealership applied crooked, to boot!

How to remove Dealster

She told me that she would have to ask the dealership if it was okay. I told her it is her car, she did not need dealer permission to remove the sticker. You can also tell the dealer that you want it removed before you sign paperework or have them pay you for advertising for them. Stick to it and most of the time they will remove it. What type of glue are you referring too? Help on how to remove please. Do you know if the product Goof-Off will work as an alternative to the 3M adhesive remover, in the case of a dealer decal that leaves adhesive behind during the removal process?

Thanks in advance…. I have been looking for tips on removing things and these worked well for the stickers and decals the previous owner put on the car. The previous owner took them off but you can still see all the parts of where there were because not everything came off. There is still even some plastic from them.

I used the 3M Eraser Wheel to remove the 8 year old vinyl. Worked great but now I have the adhesive left. How do I remove that so that I can put the new vinyl down? The 3M adhesive remover should remove what was left behind. It may require significant dwell time though.

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I absolutely make it a point to request that their advertisement not be added to the back of my car. I refuse to pay THEM to advertise when it should be the other way around. I just bought a brand new car a few days ago. It has the dealerships logo sticker on it and it is HUGE!!

how do I remove a ad and stop daily updates

Will the hair dryer method work on this? A heat gun is ideal but the hair dryer should be helpful as well. You really just want to heat the adhesive up enough to soften it for a clean release. I have just this afternoon bought a new car yah me and the dealership logo sticker is huge. That is an odd place for a dealer logo though. Your method worked great! I had a car that had the decal logo on the back window once as well.

I used the Turtle Wax adhesive remover with a cotton shop towel and just rubbed on it for a few minutes and it came off. Works like a charm!! Thanks for a great piece of advice Rasky! I found directions here. I refuse to leave it on. Just keep in mind that using a pressure washer that close to the paint also runs the risk of damaging the paint itself. My professional opinion would be to suggest using a safer method.

Thank you so much worked Great and now that awful emblem is gone from the back of my car!!! I should have researched this sooner I had no idea it would be so easy!! Sticker came off easily, but left alittle adhesive. Can I use nail polish, and will it harm the paint? Nail polish remover is nothing more than acetone which could harm the paint and possibly remove paint as well. Chad what 3m adhesive am i looking for spray or liquid?? Im concerned about the clear coat!?! Just bought a new Tacoma and dont want to mess this up….

I have a old and cracked college sticker on the inside rear window of a vehicle where the defrost stripes and wires also run across the inside of the rear window. The sticker letters overlap the defrost wires. I realize that I cannot use a razor blade to remove the letters — what recommendations do you have? For the adhesive you can use the 3M stuff and follow it with a window cleaner.

We would also used an ammonia based glass cleaner to soften the glue and steel wool to help remove it…not really an advised method though as the steel wool has the potential to scratch the glass. I just purchased a new Toyota Corolla Le and the dealership placed a round eye-catching sticker on the lower left side of my front windshield. It is so annoying that it has become a distraction. Is the dealership required to remove it upon request? I have put chrome letters on my car, they are self-adhesive, what would be the best way of getting this off without making any marks?

Any suggestions for this decal? Mild heat, hair dryer or heat gun on low.

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I use alcohol for cleaning the residue. Do not use the Goof Off, or Goo Gone, they do damage the clear coat. Will it ruin the paint? Great advice! Your method worked terrific! Only paid for it because of the broken front axle and shot up mower deck. For a bucks I have a kickin new custom tracker.

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I had an solid metal dealership emblem adhered to a car that I was able to remove not with fishing line or dental floss, but by twisting the emblem left to right. Twisting the emblem broke the remaing double sided tape affixed to the car for the past 24 years. Just bought a new Ford Explorer.

It has the decal from the dealer I have tried to peel it off with my fingernails I noticed that the back of the sticker is metallic. Only been able to peel aroung the corrners. Very difficult!! Would you possibly be able to send me a pic of the emblem? I have removed a couple vinyl decals 6. The decals came off fine and all residue removed. My proble is it has left an outline of the complete decal in my clear coat. It is not paint fade it seems to be an outline of the decal right into the clear. I have tried a clay bar and rubbing compound but it has not even made a small difference it is still their.

Is their anything besides wet sanding that I can do. I do not own a dual action buffer so my only alternative it to take it in to have it professionally buffed out. Any ideas before I go spend the money to get the hood buffed, thanks for your time. Wet sanding will likely be required to remove the line…. I was able to remove the letters and adhesive with a hair dryer and a wet rag. I just bought a new Scion FR-S.

When the car is dusty, I notice some gathering along the edges of what appears to be an outline of protective strips that may have been used for transporting the car? They are primarily on the roof, and on the top-rear areas above the fenders on the car.

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Should this have been something that was buffed out by the dealership? Should I try buffing out the outlines myself or contact the dealer? Thanks in advance for any advice you can provide. Your assumption of the protective wrap sounds correct. If there is any visible residue left on your car it will come off with the adhesive remover. If you have any other questions please feel free to shoot me an email. Thanks so much for the prompt reply. Hi, Used Skin So Soft bath oil spray to remove new car sticker adhesive from the glove box.

Worked fine. What I love is that I purchased a brand new Honda and Jeffrey Honda gave me the car in a very dirty condition with Jeffrey stickers on the window and an old pitted corroded license plate cover with their advertising on it. Does anyone know what type of double sticky tape they are referring to to prevent license plate minus corroded cover from hitting the paint? Do you have any suggestion on how to remove metal letters with foam back tape that are on the trunk lid stripes of my ford shelby without damaging the stripe. I had not seen this before, but the dealer placed their website at the top of my back window!

How annoying … Razor blade took care of it. If they payed me a monthly fee, I would have been happy to leave it on. Just bought a car with a few of those fake bullet hole stickers placed on the back of the car. Any suggestions for this type of sticker? Will the same method work? Detailed Imag… Reply With Quote […]. FYI my dealer sticker came off like a breeze, thanks! Working on the small emblems today. I got lucky. Each letter was a small decal on my car. Thanks for the advice! Chad,may I say thank you so very much. I like a lot of people a who has bought a used car detest the car dealers decal messing up the flow of a cars profile,IMHO the decals make the car look tacky.

What i want to do is remove the Pontiac badge and the G8 badge. After, I will place the G8 badge in the center of truck, where Pontiac is currently located. What is the decal has been there for several years? Buying an 07 Altima that has the original dealers sticker on it. Actually its not really a sticker but individual letters.

Is there any hope? To remove a decal not an emblem I used good old mayonnaise. Slather it on, let stand minutes, and then you can peel off the decal. Might not come off in one piece, but then just repeat on stickier areas. I recently purchased a Miata. The problem is that the previous owner covered the whole car in decal stickers to make it look like a ladybug.

The dealership removed the stickers, like I requested but now there are polka dots where the stickers were on the paint. It seems that when the stickers were removed, that they took a layer of clear coat with them. My husband is talking about using rubbing compound or polishing compound. I have a couple of days to return it, but I would like to keep the car.

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It is a lot of fun. Please let me know, if this is the right approach. I would suggest talking to the dealership about bringing the car to a REPUTABLE detailer and have it looked at to determine if it can be fixed or if it will require a repaint. Feel free to email me with more questions or help finding a reputable detailer in your area. I just bought a new car and completely over looked the dealer logo on the tail gate. I applied heat with a hair dryer but was unable to get anywhere with the removal.

The logo is the dealer name in very hard metallized chrome looking adhesive letters. It almost looks like there is clearcoat over them because it is impossible to find an edge however small to start peeling. They are nearly flush with the painted surface. Advertising Policies

I have a Geo Tracker that has factory lables on it, I want to remove and reuse them because some of them cannot be bought new! I would like any comment you may have. Thank you very much! Very helpful information. Next time when purchasing from a dealership just ask them to do it.

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