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At the same time, we have a financial commitment to support the morale, welfare and recreational MWR activities of the Army and the Air Force i. Every cent we earn goes back to our customers in one form or another. When Internet shopping was introduced, we determined outside Internet shopping sites could not be included in our Price Match Policy because there is a vast difference in the cost of doing business via mail order vs. Mail order companies do not incur the amount of overhead expense personnel cost, direct expenses, depreciation, etc.

Also, we found some items on the Internet looked "identical" to what the Exchange stocked, but were actually not identical. Sometimes there was a slight difference in the features offered Plus, many Internet retailers are willing to sacrifice their earnings for sales volume in an effort to get customers to use their sites. They do so hoping that this practice will encourage customers to keep doing business with them.

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Historically, this has proven to be a flawed business model that has resulted in the failure of a great number of Internet retailers. Intentionally sacrificing earnings is not a business philosophy to which the Exchange can subscribe. The Exchange is entrusted to protect the earnings derived from its sales, monies which belong to U.

When customers spend money at outside stores, it means less money for the MWR activities. The SSN is the number used by the Department of Defense DoD to identify service members and their authorized dependents in all fiscal transactions. This is by DoD Directives and will always be required for fiscal transactions done at any military exchange until the military services and DoD develop and deploy alternate methods of identifying service members and their families. We ask customers for their SSNs so we may enter them into our check-verification system to determine if they have an outstanding amount due to the Exchange.

The system is designed to check the SSN against those on file. If the system is clear, no record is kept of the inquiry.

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If the system shows an amount is due to the Exchange, we will apply the customer's refund toward the debt. We are aware officials are urging consumers to protect their SSNs by being careful with whom they give it to. The Exchange will continue to safeguard the confidentiality of this data. The SSN is the number used by the Department of Defense DoD to identify service members and their authorized dependents in all financial transactions. Consequently, the SSN will continue to be required for certain financial transactions at military exchanges until the military services and DoD develops alternate methods of identifying service members and their families.

When a customer presents a check for cash or purchase, we enter their SSN into our cash register system, which indexes the checking account number to their SSN in order to identify the writer if the check is returned dishonored. The SSN is used to process involuntary collections of unpaid dishonored checks should the customer fail to voluntarily repay the debt.

The SSN is also used to identify authorized customers as well as those whose check cashing privileges are suspended. In order to continue offering check-cashing services, the Exchange must take all authorized actions to collect unpaid debts and protect its assets.

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The Exchange is under a mandate from Congress to verify the identities of authorized customers before they may shop Online. Your online security is certainly something we strive to protect, and the entire transaction from login to order confirmation is SSL secured with bit encryption.

We hope this better explains the reasoning behind the requirement and provides some assurance in the protection of your private information. Have an item to return? Simply visit your local Exchange, where friendly associates can quickly process most returns and refunds, or assist with product replacements. If a customer requests a refund with a sales receipt, a refund will be made in the same form of payment as original purchase or Exchange gift card. For refund requests without a sales receipt, a merchandise card equal to the amount of the merchandise is offered.

In those cases, as well, the manufacturer requires a sales receipt for proof of purchase and warranty start date. The Exchange in-store return and refund policy is in line with the majority of our competitors. Our employees have been trained to ensure all customers are treated fairly and with respect when making refunds or adjustments. Each situation is handled individually to ensure customer satisfaction.

Even if a customer tells us about one of their "everyday low prices" that is not advertised, we will check it out as quickly as we can, then lower our price to match it. Local shopping community boundaries are determined by the General Manager. In addition, we adopted a "day price guarantee" policy.

Military Exchanges Savings Guide - The Spenderella

If a customer buys an item from us and finds it currently advertised for less whether at an Exchange, Navy, or Marine Corps exchange or a local retailer , we'll refund the difference when presented a receipt within 14 days of purchase. Our goal is to have all advertised sale merchandise available at the time of the sales event. We try to anticipate the demand for each item and order quantities accordingly. Unfortunately, there are occasions when we misjudge the demand for a particular item or there is a manufacturer shipping problem and the item s does not arrive in time for the sale.

In these cases we will satisfy customers with one of the following options when possible:. We go where you go to improve the quality of your lives through goods and services we provide. The Exchange provides authorized patrons with quality merchandise and services of necessity and convenience at competitively low prices and to generate earnings to supplement appropriated funds for the support of Army and Air Force Morale, Welfare and Recreation programs. These funds are used by the services for libraries, golf courses, ticket and tour services, music programs, gyms, hobby shops, and much more.

Every cent we earn goes back to our customers in one form or another! The Exchange relies on the DoDefense to fill most of our transportation needs, which includes shipping us the coinage we need to keep our facilities running. However, the DoD has determined that pennies are too heavy and are not cost effective to ship. Rounding to the nearest nickel has been used in American Military communities overseas since Our "round-up, round-down" policy applies only to cash purchases. If the last digit of the total purchase ends in three, four, six, or seven, your purchase will be rounded to the nearest nickel.

If the last digit of the total purchase ends in one, two, eight or nine, your total purchase will be rounded to the nearest dime. This is a break-even policy we believe is fair and equitable. As a federal instrumentality, the Exchange is subject to DoD regulation concerning use of our resources, to include support of individuals, groups and units. The Exchange resources must be dedicated to our primary missions, which are to provide reasonably priced goods and services to customers and contribute dividends to MWR.

We must balance support of installation fundraising, and contractual obligations to concessionaires and vendors, with this mission. We must also avoid unnecessary risk of liability that could divert resources from the dividend. Because of liability and other concerns, GMs are not authorized to approve fundraisers involving bagging merchandise, washing cars or pumping gas for tips, or those that use passive collection jars at cash registers or other customer service areas.

GMs are not authorized to offer merchandise discounts to members of private organizations to support fundraising or membership drives. Learn how your comment data is processed. Here is the link to their coupon policy: Click here to read the Exchange coupon policy. Navy Exchange NEX. Make sure you remind them to give you credit.

Here is the link to sign up to receive their sales ad.

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Exchanges do not allow overage so if your item is less than the price of the coupon, the coupon will be adjusted down to the price of the item. Store Coupons. For the most part each Exchange will accept each other Exchange Store coupon. Cashier can deny these coupons if peelie coupons is peeled off of packages. Exchanges have coupon booklets that contain store coupons.

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Military Store Coupons. A military store coupon is a manufacturer coupon. An exchange coupon will say Exchange coupon. You will know this by looking at the fine print for an address. Exchange Stores do not waste their overhead money to mail a store coupon back to their corporate office. Military store coupons are found as tear pads and peelies at the Exchanges and Commissaries.

Scratch Cards. Price Match. All Exchanges price match as long as you bring the ad and it is not a limited item, special promotion or offer. Some Exchanges allow price matching certain retailers.

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See their Price Match Policy for full details.